We follow a strict, thorough three step process to work with our partners to produce world class, customized pet products that will exceed sales expectations.

Our Process

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To get started, we sit down with potential partners to understand their business needs and the opportunities they have identified to drive growth. From these initial conversations we will draft a customized proposal that will address the requirements of the pet innovation project with clear timelines and deliverables.

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Once the objectives and deliverables are approved our team kicks into high gear to design products that employ every advantage we have at our fingertips. Food scientists, packaging engineers, process engineers and the compete production team work together to develop the recipe and the package that will win in the market. With regular communication and updates you will follow the design process closely until the final product is ready for launch.

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The launch of a new partner product is just the beginning. We work diligently to fine-tune the process of any learning and deliver product when and where it is needed. Customer service is a key element in our partner success stories.

Customizations: Recipe Development

Ingredients are carefully selected to load customized products with superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants to maximize a dog’s health and performance. Our facilities are carefully controlled to be completely free from sesame, fish/shellfish, peanuts, dairy, gluten and soy. And of course, everything we make is certified organic.

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packaging selection

Customizations: Package Selection

Our facility can accommodate a variety of packaging formats; resealable pouches, containers, boxes. We choose and develop the perfect package to maximize the product freshness, access and communication.

Customizations: Format Design

To safeguard and build your brand’s unique identity, we can customize treats in size, shape and texture.. Customized molds will create ownable shapes in any size from mini to extra large. The mold will be chosen to also achieve the optimal texture that is appropriate for the recipe.

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We can help with every step along the way. Just tell us a little about what you have in mind!